Saving money in print.

Start saving money in print.

Over the last decade, the print industry has moved at an incredible pace. New technologies have opened up huge possibilities that allow for deeper engagement with potential customers. Automation services enable personal approaches to marketing. Database systems allow for complex variable printing at the click of a button. Digital technology facilitates targeted approaches to niche markets. With all this new technology on the market, how can you be sure your printing budget is being used efficiently? This article hopes to help you start saving money in print.

How’s your print budget?

As a business owner, I know the importance of the bottom line. We’d all like a limitless budget to achieve our dream projects but the reality is, we need to make decisions that give us the best return on investment.

Fiscal returns are the easiest to measure and this is usually why it becomes the most important factor. A brochure that costs 10c to print and leads to a sale on $10. That’s an easy, measurable return. What I challenge you to contemplate, is how you can improve the significance of that return, with a better investment.

Print with purpose.

Consider junk mail. Think about the copious amounts of stuff you receive in your letterbox each week. How much of it is firstly, irrelevant to you personally and secondly, how much of it is unimpressive. It’s not totally useless, casting a wide net has it’s uses but the bulk of it ends up in the recycling bin or lining the bird cage. Literally, money in the bin.

Now consider the difference it would make, if you received a personalised letter from one of your favourite stores, highlighting a product you have an immediate use for. Maybe you’re a mum who needs a new jumper for your daughter at the start of winter and suddenly a letter addressed to you personally arrives in the mail highlighting a new Winter range from the trendy store down the road. It’s printed on a nice card with a tear off section that fits easily in your purse. The tear off section is a 5% off voucher and the left-over section has a QR code on it that links to a complete catalogue online. As a consumer, is this piece of paper suddenly more valuable to you? Would it have a better chance of converting in to a sale?

Not only does this style of print marketing increase the chance of purchase, it develops a relationship with you. It engages you, giving you a personal affiliation to the product, brand or business. The return on investment moves past just being fiscal and starts to reap benefits in customer loyalty, retention and reputation. This is the real value that is available with modern print.

Choose your printer.

So how can you access it? How can you get involved in this type of direct, personalised marketing. With the right technology, understanding and print provider you can start engaging your customers and building relationships quickly and easily. Over the next few articles, I’ll share how we at Newprint HRG manage this type of solution. If you can’t wait that long and would like to get involved right now, call us on (07) 4972 3611 or send us an email at [email protected] for a personalised solutions to your print marketing needs.

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